K4 Cowgirl Kitchen

K4 believes in using the freshest locally sourced ingredients in the area. K4 takes pride in the fact that all the food is homemade, containing no additives. We always provide fresh side dishes, desserts, dips and condiments.

K4 recently partnered with La Fortaleza Beef in August of 2021. It is a partnership that was formed to take K4 to the next level.

K4's Story

In 2006, Kim Howard became a single mom with the responsibility of raising 4 boys. During that time, she had several jobs to make ends meet. One of those jobs was to cook for big game hunting ranches in South Texas. It was on those ranches that K4 made its humble beginnings. There she created the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Ever.

Kim and her boys have always enjoyed breaking bread with friends and family, so naming K4 was quite simple, “Kim & her 4 boys”. 

Kim's vision of having her products in store fronts across Texas is making steady progress as she is expanding to boutique meat markets and local farmers markets across Texas.

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